This years LCGOP Veterans Day essay contest scholarship was underwritten by a generous donation from the family of Roy S. Akin, in whose honor this years scholarship was given.  A special thanks to them for helping make this years essay contest successful.

Pvt. Roy S. Akin (1896-1981)

Private Roy S. Akin was born in St. Joseph, MO on April 7th, 1896.  He was the son of Clara and William Akin.  He entered the service on June 6th, 1917 after the United States had entered WWI against the Central Powers.  He served as a part of the 4th Calvary Regiment, referred to as Texas Troop 4, U.S. Regulars.  The 4th Calvary Regiment's lineage is traced back to the mid 19th century.  

After his family split up when he was 13-years old, Roy jumped a train and rode the rails to the Midwest searching for his family.  Unable to locate his family, Roy traveled from the west coast and back, eventually meeting the love of his life Mollie Reich in Lincoln, NE.  He married Mollie Reich and together they had 5 children, who they primarily raised on Dudley St. in Lincoln.