Resolution Condemning Hamas’s Attack and Urging Continued Support for Israel

Whereas modern Israel was born in 1946 amidst the backdrop of the tragedy of the Holocaust
and the calamity of the Second World War. Its establishment was driven by the deep-rooted,
longstanding dream of the Jewish people to return to the land of their biblical origins;
Whereas since its inception, Israel has faced a multitude of challenges, including frequent attacks,
incursions, and violations of its national sovereignty. Throughout its history, the Jewish
people have long endured genocidal attempts of eradication and destruction of the Jewish

Whereas Israel has been close allies with the United States for nearly 80 years. In the words of
former President Ronald Reagan, both countries “are brought together by a shared
commitment to democracy, to an open society, to individual achievement and economic
progress, and to dignity and worth of each and every individual;”
Whereas Israel stands as a beacon of democracy in a region dominated by authoritarian regimes.
Our continued support for Israel is vital, not only to protect innocent lives threatened by
terrorists but also to safeguard the strategic interests of the American people in the region
and at home;

Whereas on October 7th, 2023, Iran-backed Hamas terrorists crossed the border from Gaza into
Israel in a surprise, unprovoked attack and committed widespread evil and indefensible
atrocities against the people of Israel;

Whereas the haunting images captured by survivors and reports from the Israeli military have
clearly illuminated the extent of the massacre. Hamas terrorists launched thousands of
missiles into Israel and perpetrated heinous acts such as beheading babies, raping women
and dragging their bleeding bodies through the streets. They burned entire families alive in
their homes, hunted hundreds of young men and women celebrating music at a festival,
tortured former Holocaust survivors, and kidnapped countless more;
Whereas early reports indicate the Hamas terrorists killed at least 27 Americans and over 1,400
Israelis during the attack. An unknown number of Israeli and American citizens remain
missing and held hostage;

Whereas Israel’s sovereignty is at grave risk with the potential of Hezbollah, Iran, and other
terrorist groups seeking to capitalize on the atrocities committed by Hamas; now, therefore,
be it

Resolved, that the Lancaster County Republican Party (LCRP):
1. unequivocally condemns the barbaric attacks by Hamas and fully supports Israel’s right
and duty to defend itself against further attack by using overwhelming force;
2. stands with Governor Jim Pillen and our federal delegation in their calls for the Biden Administration to:

a. freeze and rescind the $6 billion promised to Iran,
b. re-supply Israel with the munitions necessary to expel and obliterate Hamas,
c. reinstate maximum pressure on Iran and expand the Abraham Accords as
promulgated by former President Donald Trump, and
d. use every tool available to save the American hostages currently in harm’s way;
3. reaffirms our plank of national security and defense. We believe the continuous
strengthening of our military and increased funding for national defense systems is
essential for the preservation of American sovereignty and for promoting freedom
4. reaffirms our platform plank of securing the border. We recognize the disastrous failure of
the Biden Administration to secure our border, putting American lives at risk of
dangerous individuals rushing into the country intending to commit terroristic acts; and
5. reaffirms our platform plank of defending our 2nd Amendment rights. Self-defense is an
inherent virtue of the United States, enshrined in the Constitution, intended to protect us
against a tyrannical federal government and threats from abroad.