Please vote for the following Republicans on November 3rd, 2020. 

Friends, we don't want to concede this election to the Left.  It's going to require each and every one of us to step up and support the candidates that will put a stop to the Left's blinded descent towards more coercion, socialism, and tribalism. 


Judicial Retentions:

Judge of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court: Thomas E Stine

Judge of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court:  Dirk V. Block

Judge of the District Court, District 3: Andrew R. Jacobsen

Judge of the District Court, District 3: Kevin R. McManaman

Judge of the District Court, District 3: Darla S. Ideus

Judge of the County Court, District 3: Rodney D. Reuter

Nemaha Natural Resource District:  

Robert Lassen - District 1 

Southeast Community College Board of Governors:  

Chuck Byers - District 1

Kathy Boellstorff - District 2

Edward Price - District 3

Timothy Cerveny, Neal Stenberg - At Large

Nebraska Public Power District:

Todd R. Calfree - District 1

Norris Public Power District:

Stewart A. Huneke - District 5 

Educational Service Unit #4:

Cheri Wirthele - District 6

Educational Service Unit #5:

Roger Smidt - District 4

Waverly City Council:

Aaron J. Hummel - Ward 1

Dave Nielson - Ward 2

Hickman City Council:

Phil Goering - At-Large

Steve N. Noren - At-Large

Waverly Public School Board:

Cheryl K. Landon - Ward 6 

Norris Public School Board:

Gary Kubicek - Ward 6

Malcom Public School Board:

Tony Nutter; William E. England - At Large

Palmyra Public School Board:

Lance Gee; Brandon Desh; Lisa Wilen - At Large 

Village of Bennet Board of Trustees:

Jerris Nider; Justin M.Dorn; Peter Simmons - At-Large 

Village of Davey Board of Trustees:

Duane E. Edstrom - At-Large

Village of Denton Board Trustees:

John V. Juricek - At-Large 

Village of Firth Board of Trustees:

Jason Cooper; Amanda Eisenhauer - At-Large 

Village of Hallam Board of Trustees:

Sheila Taylor - At-Large 

Village of Malcom Board of Trustees:

J-Avery Candler; Robin Stephens; Jason Lemkau - At-Large 

Village of Panama Board of Trustees:

Travis Filing - At-Large

Village of Roca Board of Trustees:

Steve Ossowski; Chris Isben - At-Large 

Village of Sprague Board of Trustees:

Christopher Jay - At-Large