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Elect Tom Nesbitt for City Council!


* The youngest Colonel in Nebraska State Patrol history, serving for 27 years in the Patrol* Co-founder and CEO of Nesbitt & Associates, an international security firm dedicated to keeping companies, their employees and ultimately millions of citizens safe around the world.

* Efficiently managed statewide department of 700 employees; returned hundreds of thousands of dollars from his budget to Nebraska’s general fund, while improving public safety

* Native Nebraskan married for 28 years; two children, two grandchildren, one dog; son served as a Marine under fire in Afghanistan, now works at Nesbitt & Associates; daughter is a Freshman at Creighton

Tom Nesbitt's Priorities are: 

* Increased public safety

* Spending taxpayer money more intelligently and efficiently

* Increased transparency in city government

* Will serve all Lincoln citizens impartially and fairly, with the most efficient use of

       taxpayer dollars

If you would like to contribute to Tom's campaign please send a check to:

Nesbitt for Lincoln

1919 South 40th Street * Suite 302

Lincoln, Nebraska 68506

Or you can donate online at

Read Tom Nesbitt's City Council Announcement in the Lincoln Journal Star.

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Elect Tom Nesbitt for City Council!
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