Organizational_Framework1494x1935.jpgDISTRICT LEADERSHIP

State Central Committeeman/woman & District Representative:

The State Central Committee is the effective governing body of the Nebraska State Republican Party.  Each legislative district in Lancaster County currently elects a man and a woman to serve on this committee, usually at the County Convention during even years.  The County Chair will also appoint a District Representative.  This three member group is in charge of grassroots organization, assisting county leadership/candidates, get-out-the-vote drives and registered voter retention efforts.  State Central Committee members and district representatives serve for 2 years.

Areas of Responsibilities:

Grassroots Organization:

  • Work to organize volunteers in serving as grassroots organizers (precinct organizers)in specific precincts, neighborhoods, or community organizations.

  • Work to discover untapped constituent bases (ex:  business, new neighborhoods,  social organizations, and churches).

  • Assist in developing community with volunteers and Republicans in their district.  

 Assist County Leadership/Candidates:

  • Become a point person in the district for candidates who need volunteers, fundraising events/donors, and strategy.

  • Assist with LCGOP fundraising/social events.

  • Attend Central Committee/Executive Committee meetings as scheduled by the County Chairman.

 GOTV/Voter Sustainment:

  • Evaluate voter trends and target areas of improvement.

  • Access voter lists and registration data.

  • Help to enrich voter data for county database.

Grassroots Organizers (Precinct Organizers):

Grassroots organizers are key individuals in the grassroots organization of the party.  The grassroots organizer is assigned an area (precinct, neighborhood, or community organization) within a legislative district.  They are primarily in charge of get-out-the-vote efforts and organizing volunteers in their assigned areas.

Areas of Responsibilities:

Grassroots Organization:

  • Work to recruit a team of volunteers that will help GOTV, help with fundraising, and educate the voters of their area (precinct, neighborhood, or community organization).  

  • Assist in coordinating district events with district leadership.  

  • Assist the LCGOP in social/fundraising events.


  • Coordinate and execute GOTV efforts.

  • Help to enrich voter data and volunteer lists for County databases.

Grassroots Volunteers:

The Grassroots Volunteer is the MOST important member of the district team.  They help to directly implement GOTV efforts for candidates and help to build relationships among the volunteer team.

GOTV Responsibilities:

Literature drops

Phone Calling

Yard Sign Placement

Door Walking

Help with the planning or execution of district or LCGOP events

Social Media Ambassadors (help to spread information about candidates & LCGOP activities through social media (Facebook, Twitter, E-mail)).