When March 16, 2017 at 5:00pm 2 hrs 30 mins
Contact LCGOP [email protected]

Stop by the Isles Pub and enjoy some pizza while talking with your local Republican officials in Lancaster County.  This is great opportunity to learn more about your city/county government and what our officials are doing to help make Lancaster County a great place to live.

Also, there will be an opportunity to talk with our at-large Republican City Council candidates Brayden McLaughlin, Tom Nesbitt, and Roy Christensen, and School Board candidate Lanny Boswell (District 5).    

The event is from 5:00-7:30pm.  

County Officials Pledged to the Event:

County Engineer Pam Dingman

County Treasuer Andy Stebbing

County Attorney Joe Kelly

County Sheriff Terry Wagner

County Commissioner Todd Wiltgen

County Commissioner Deb Schorr

City Council Councilmen/Candidates Pledged to the Event:

Brayden McLaughlin

Tom Nesbitt

City Councilman Roy Christensen

School Board Member/Candidate Pledged to the Event:

Lincoln School Board Member Lanny Boswell (District 5)

Cost:  $10 adults, $5 kids, Free for kids under 5 years  (the money will be used to help cover the costs of the pizza, and the costs of renting the facility).

Will you come?