The County Central Committee consists of the members of the Executive Committee and the State Central Committeeman and woman elected from each Legislative District at the LCRP County Convention.  This is the effective governing body of the LCRP in absence of the County Convention.


LCRP Chairman:  Eric Underwood

Vice-Chairman:  Todd Watson

Executive Director:  Dawn Liphardt

Secretary:  Mary Hamilton 

Treasurer:  Allen Simpson

Legal Counsel:  Jason Hayes


Four Standing Committees & Chairs

Finance Chair:  Kathy Hill

Constitution and Platform Review:  Todd Watson

Volunteers to Voters:  Mary Hilton

Education:  Jim Bunch


Auxiliary Group Representatives

LC Young Republican Representative:  Rylin Hoffner

Nebraska Cornhusker Republican Women's Chair:  Kathleen Dolezal

Former LCRP Chair:  Jason Jackson


State Central Committee Members

State Central Committeeman 110 (LD 21):  Grant Latimer

State Central Committeewoman 110 (LD 21) 

District Representative 110 (LD 21):  Jim Ballard - 2021


State Central Committeeman 111 (LD 25):  Jack Spray

State Central Committeewoman 111 (LD 25):  Deb Portz

District Representative 111 (LD 25):  Mike Foley - 2021


State Central Committeeman 112 (LD 26):  James Bunch

State Central Committeewoman 112 (LD 26):  Cindi Card

District Representative 112 (LD 26):  Cyndi Lamm - 2021


State Central Committeeman 113 (LD 27):  Greg Osborn

State Central Committeewoman 113 (LD 27):  Faye Osborn

District Representative 113 (LD 27):  Mary Hilton - 2021


State Central Committeeman 114 (LD 28):  Liam Kreikemeier

State Central Committeewoman 114 (LD 28):  Marilyn Synek

District Representative 114 (LD 28):  Dallas Jones Jr. - 2021


State Central Committeeman 115 (LD 29):  Paul Watson

State Central Committeewoman 115 (LD 29):  Fanchon Blythe

District Representative 115 (LD 29):  


State Central Committeeman 116 (LD 30/32):  Elliott Bottorf

State Central Committeewoman 116 (LD 30/32):  Deanna Leyden

District Representative 116 (LD 30/32):  Tom Nebelsick - 2021


State Central Committeeman 117 (LD 46):  Jerad Reimers

State Central Committeewoman 117 (LD 46):  

District Representative 117 (LD 46):  Ellie Stangl - 2021


Legislative District Representative (LD2):  Taylor Wyatt


42 Positions on the LCRP County Central Committee