The Executive Committee is made up of officers elected at the odd-year County Conventions and those officials appointed by the Chair or Executive Committee which includes the District Representatives from each Legislative District in Lancaster County, with approval of the Central Committee.  The Executive Committee is designed to carry out the directives of the County Convention or County Central Committee.  It acts as the governing body when the Central Committee or the County Convention is not in session.  The officers that are elected every two years are Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Executive Committee

Chairman: Matt Innis

Vice Chair: Jason Hayes

Treasurer: Allen Simpson

Secretary:  Lori Marsh

Executive Director:  Addie Egan

Legal Counsel:  Robert Bryant


Four Standing Committees & Chairs

Finance Chair:  Charlotte Ralston

Membership Chair: Fanchon Blythe

Communications Chair:  Jack Riggens

Candidate Chair:  Jim Ballard


Auxiliary Group Representatives

LCRP Young Republican Representative:  Rylin Hoffner

High School Republicans Representative:  

Nebraska Cornhusker Republican Women's Chair:  Faye Osborn

Former LCRP Chair:  Samuel Lyon


Legislative District Representatives

Legislative District 2/30/32: Myron Smith

Legislative District 21:  Jim Ballard

Legislative District 25:  Matt Innis

Legislative District 26:  Peggy Cicmanec

Legislative District 27:  Martin Liphardt

Legislative District 28:  Jeff Coffey

Legislative District 29:  Kristi Refior

Legislative District 46:  Liz Davids