The District Leadership is comprised of the State Central Committee Members that are elected at even-year county conventions and the District Representatives that are appointed by the County Chairman. This group is integral in the development of LCRP grassroots organization.  Please read about our organizational framework for more information about how we organize at the grassroots level.


State Central Committeeman 110 (LD 21):  Eric Underwood

State Central Committeewoman 110 (LD 21):  Charlotte Ralston

District Representative 110 (LD 21):  Jim Ballard


State Central Committeeman 111 (LD 25):  Elliot Bottorf

State Central Committeewoman 111 (LD 25):  Mary Hamilton

District Representative 111 (LD 25):  Mike Foley


State Central Committeeman 112 (LD 26):  James Bunch

State Central Committeewoman 112 (LD 26):  Christina Campbell

District Representative 112 (LD 26):  Cyndi Lamm


State Central Committeeman 113 (LD 27):  Greg Osborn

State Central Committeewoman 113 (LD 27):  Faye Osborn

District Representative 113 (LD 27):  Mary Hilton


State Central Committeeman 114 (LD 28):  Samuel Lyon

State Central Committeewoman 114 (LD 28):  Marilyn Newland

District Representative 114 (LD 28):  Vernon J.


State Central Committeeman 115 (LD 29):  Tracy Refior

State Central Committeewoman 115 (LD 29):  Faith White

District Representative 115 (LD 29):  Eric Burling


State Central Committeeman 116 (LD 2/30/32):  Matt Innis

State Central Committeewoman 116 (LD 2/30/32): Fanchon Blythe

District Representative 116 (LD 2/30/32):  Tom Nebelsick


State Central Committeeman 117 (LD 46):  Justin Reed

State Central Committeewoman 117 (LD 46):  Debbie Struwe

District Representative 117 (LD 46):  Ellie Stangl