1. What is a Lancaster County Republican Delegate?

  • A voting member at County Conventions.
  • Eligible to run as State Central Committeeman/woman (2-year term).
  • Eligible to run as a State Convention Delegate.

2. How do I become a Lancaster County Republican Delegate?

  • You must be a registered Republican.
  • You must complete and notarize a delegate registration form by March 1, 2024 and return it to the County Election Commissioner’s Office. Once the form is turned in you will be eligible to participate as a voting member at even-year County Conventions and the next odd-year County Convention.
  • This process must be done every 2 years to be an active delegate.


3.  What are the responsibilities of a Lancaster County Republican Delegate?

  • At a basic level, our delegates are voting members at our even-year and odd-year County Convention.  Our County Conventions are the principal decision-making group in our county party.  They are also eligible to run as a State Convention delegate, and/or a State Central Committeeman/woman.  
  • Beyond that, delegates are our network of individuals in the county who we can look to for leadership within their precinct or neighborhood.  Our former delegates have been engaged with being point people for helping local candidates with their campaigns and/or running for a political office themselves.  Obviously, the involvement of our delegates varies based upon their individual choices, but the more involved our delegates are the stronger our party and candidates will be in Lancaster County.

4. Conventions

a. Odd-year County Conventions (last one was September, 21st 2023)

Delegates will: 

  • Conduct party business.
  • Elect new officers (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary)
  • Be eligible to vote in the next odd-year County Convention (date TBA) 

b.  Even-year county conventions (TBA)

Delegates will:

  • Conduct party business.
  • Elect a man/woman to the State Central Committee from each legislative district.
  • Elect a predetermined number of delegates/alternates to attend the State Convention.

c.  Nebraska Primary Election (May 14th, 2024)

d.  Even-year Presidential Election State Convention (TBA)

State Convention Delegates will:

  • Have to register with the NEGOP prior to attending the Convention.
  • Conduct party business.
  • Smaller county parties will come together with other counties in their legislative districts to elect State Central Committee members.
  • Elect a predetermined number of Delegates/Alternates to attend the National Convention.
  • Elect the 5 members of Nebraska's Electoral College.

e.  National Convention Delegates

  • Individuals wishing to go to the Presidential National Convention will have to file the National Delegate Registration Form with the NE Secretary of State prior to the State Convention expressing their interest to be a National Delegate.  
  • Individuals wishing to go to the National Convention will also have to notify the Secretary of State & NEGOP Headquarters as to which Presidential candidate they wish to support, or they may elect to support the winner of the Nebraska Republican Presidential Primary. This is done by filling out the National Delegate Registration Form.
  • Only those delegates that are bound to the winner of the Nebraska primary will be eligible to be elected to the National Convention during the State Convention (we have a winner-take-all delegate allocation system).
  • Only individuals that are elected to the County and State Conventions are eligible to be elected as Delegates to the Republican National Convention.
  • The RNC National Convention will be held in Milwaukee, WI during the week of July 15-18.