A Vision For the Lancaster County


My Fellow Republicans,

Over the last 2 weeks, it was exciting to see the enthusiasm and passion from patriots, such as yourselves, at the annual fundraising Lincoln-Reagan Dinner and the Lancaster County Republican Party Convention.  These two events were a springboard forward for this party and county.  I truly believe that.  As such, I want to continue this train of energy and officially introduce myself as well as bring focus to my vision for Lancaster County's future.

My name is Eric Underwood, I was a former candidate for public office, a campaign manager, and I am a small business co-owner of Rodizio Grill, the Brazilian Steakhouse in the Haymarket. I reside in Malcolm with my wife and five children, enjoying the country life balanced with working in Lincoln. I am pro-life, believing that life begins at conception; I am a proud NRA member supporting our 2A rights; and I believe in America first (Lincoln/Lancaster County first).  As a conservative with a servant’s heart, I believe in surrounding myself with true patriots and passionate leaders to unify our local party for one goal: Winning Elections!

I began my Convention Chairman's speech by reading the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence and certain excerpts which mirror our current situation politically. Please enjoy my speech below as it brings to focus the core of my belief and vision:

"When in the Course of human events…Ladies and gentleman, we are at that stage of “human events”. We are in a cultural war…a psychological battle…an aggressive, purposeful act to tear apart the fundamental freedoms inherent to the United States of America’s Constitution. Our forefathers measured and calculated their words specifically to have a document that would withstand time. To have a document withstand tyranny. However, our Constitution can ONLY withstand time and tyranny if a people, Patriots, uphold its truths and FIGHT for its very existence.

I have a vision and a plan, and I believe whole-heartedly in the good people of this party who are ready to move it forward. But my vision begins with a difficult premise to accept. It begins with a focus on unifying ALL. Unifying for the purpose of the party’s single goal; vetting and preparing amazing, passionate, constitution-loving, freedom fighting, conservative Republicans and THEN winning Local Elections. And to do this, we must be willing to let go of old wounds, to humble ourselves, shelve our egos, tuck away our pride… to move this party forward. ALL people must be unified for the single goal and I respectfully ask for an “All In” mentality. We must be like our forefathers and measure our words, be of sound mind and emotional maturity, and intentionally be strategic for the planning and implementation of our goals.

We will have to look in the mirror of self-assessment and take EXTREME OWNERSHIP, not of our wins but of our losses. We have lost more local elections and more of our local freedoms in the last 4-6 years and we have no one to blame but ourselves. The culture we have allowed to prevail, is our fault. We have avoided unity in an effort to hold on to the “power” of the party and what gets lost in all of this yearly/election muck?

The voters, The residents, The people…We the people…forgot about the people!
And then we lost our culture and our community…Your life, Your liberty, and Your pursuit of happiness.

My vision and plan will be to bring focus to our party platform and reconnect to the voters. We will reconnect to the voters NOT as much through Facebook and social media, but through meaningful interactions.


  • We will focus less on the selfie and photo-op and more on the handshake.
  • We will focus less on the Press Releases and mainstream media and more on the direct personal emails, phone calls to a friend, and door-to-door interactions.
  • We will focus less on the policies/politics and more on the people of our neighborhoods.


  • We will support our local families and the formation of a healthy family unit.
  • We will support our local youth and give them opportunities for a purposeful future.
  • We will support our local faith based churches upholding the Word of God as the ONLY Truth.
  • We will support our local businesses, business owners, and dedicated employees.
  • We will support and respect our police and law enforcement, our first responders.
  • We will support and respect our military personnel, active and retired.
  • We will respect and protect our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and our history. Our history in all its ugliness and glory to the end goal of learning and growing as humans.
  • We will support the sanctity of life from conception on…we will be the champion of human rights.


  • We will be the party of Solutions, the party of truth, and the party of goodness. And we will reflect this in ALL…we…do!

We have 20 months to determine the fate of our city and county. We have 20 months with 2 election cycles to become a unified, connecting, and engaged Lancaster County Republican Party. The new LCRP determined to connect and listen to voters and volunteers focusing solely on one goal...WINNING ELECTIONS. The new LCRP representing, supporting, and appreciating ALL who believe in constitutional freedoms, individual liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We have 20 months. Will you join me? We have 20 months to use every gift God has given us to be the light on a hill and reflect the blessings of our Lord and Savior. Will you join me?

Patriots, Conservatives, my fellow Republicans... join me, as today is the day, we begin to take back our city. Today is the day that we stand as ONE against tyranny.

Thank you for your support and trust"

Eric Underwood, Chairman
Lancaster County Republican Party

Lancaster County Republican Party


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